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Full head of highlights

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Full head of highlights is one of the most comprehensive colour treatments that can be carried out. It incorporates the full amount and length of hair that is to be highlighted within the foils. The treatment can be carried out as a maintenance procedure onto already grown out highlights. It can also be applied to a full length of hair that has never been highlighted before. Highlighting hair also allows the customer to extend the time between salon visits by up to 3 months and eliminates harsh regrowth.

Please note – this is a classic technique and only one blonde colour is used in the foil as per standard practice. The amount of foils is determined by the thickness and length of hair. 

Should you wish to add more colours to the service, ensure to communicate that to the stylist prior to booking. Also to achieve best results in multi coloured hair, we strongly recommend booking a consultation first.

All lightening services include a toner.