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Babylights provide more coverage, less contrast and a more blonde finish. To put it simply, you will get the most blonde with a softer regrowth. This service would be for you if you’re solely looking to achieve a seamless, ultra-blonde finish without resorting to a full hair colour. It’s also worth mentioning that this procedure is very time consuming and expensive.

On the other hand, traditional highlights provide more contrast and can give much more dimension to the hair. They can be thin or thick, weave or slice, and anything in between. Sectioning on the head can also dramatically affect the final result and there are a variety of application methods. This makes them the most versatile option out of the two. Essentially, they’re able to deliver a wider range of looks, whereas babylights cannot do that. Also, they are less time consuming and more affordable — for example, with a half head of highlights, you can get your hair done within 2 hours for less than £100.

Note: they can additionally be used as a colour correction technique and to blend grey hairs.

Making time for consistent maintenance visits can be a challenge. But unfortunately the first appointment after a lengthy period of time wouldn’t be a balayage — it would probably be a colour correction service. This will guarantee optimal results, long term.

Your hair will be strategically lightened and darkened to achieve a blend that resembles a balayage. However, it won’t be executed in its “true” form — where the hair is hand painted freely.

The traditional service is rarely performed nowadays for 2 main reasons:

1. Most customers’ hair is overly processed and the hairdresser is unable to hand paint bleach onto hair that has been previously chemically treated.

2. It’s relatively rare for someone with long brown hair to request a balayage, if they have never coloured it before.

To summarise, the 1st appointment will involve a comprehensive colour correction and the following appointments will be the actual balayage procedures — given that you leave 6 or more months in between visits.

Note: an in-person consultation with the hairdresser is recommended prior to the initial appointment. This is to discuss the process/outcome in further detail and to map out a sustainable plan for the best next steps. That will be determined by your individual situation and commitment to maintaining your hair.

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