Your Hairdresser


Air touch is the most modern and exciting hair service existing to this present day. It originated from Russia during the early 2000’s. The service itself stands between balayage and total blonde. The aim of this service is to achieve the most seamless blend between your natural roots colour and the blonde hair that comes from within. The separation of the hair into longer and shorter layers using the dryer, as opposed to traditional teasing of the hair, allows the stylist to apply the lightener closer to the roots. This extends the life of the style. Also it allows the same hair to be separated each time when maintenance is carried out. That makes the procedure unlike any other and ensures minimal to no damage from each subsequent session. Additionally, usage of the dryer instead of teasing the hair provides the most amount of comfort. 

The air touch is probably the most advanced hair colouring technique after colour correction. It certainly provides the most natural and eye-catching finish that will make everyone turn and look at your hair anywhere you go!