Your Hairdresser

Who are we?

A small, independent hair salon tucked away like a hidden gem in Putney that prides itself on consistently delivering outstanding quality. We provide services such as haircuts, blowdries, highlights, balayage, colouring, bleach and hair treatments in a friendly, personal environment where you can feel confident that you won’t be treated as “just a number”. Our aim is to ensure that you walk out with the style you desire that is bespoke and compliments you as a person!

Boasting over 10 years of experience and expertise, we know exactly what your hair needs and how it can be achieved within the first few moments.

Each customer’s unique features, requirements and long-term goals are taken into account via expert consultations so that the chosen treatment can be fully tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the individual. Specialised hair treatments are also used to improve the condition and appearance of the hair for long lasting results. Refreshments such as tea and coffee are available as a complimentary touch to make your experience a truly memorable one!

Before you read the description of the service you are about to choose, we recommend that you read about the tools which we work with and their maintenance. We only work with the best tools on the market and consistently carry out maintenance to the highest standards. Below, you will find out why that is so important.

Our Equipment


High grade Japanese steel scissors (Mizutani) – they are regularly sharpened by the salon owner to a surgical degree. The importance of that is that you will never have split ends again. The sharper the tool, the cleaner and more precise the cut is. This leads to accurate haircuts and less time being wasted.


Japanese hand made combs (Y.S. Park– they enable greater precision in sectioning the hair. This results in more time being saved and superior quality of hair cutting. Each comb always comes out from a sterilising solution before usage.

Hair dryers and brushes

Italian blow dryer (Collexia) – has the best performance in the market. It has the greatest amount of airflow and lowest temperature compared to the rest of the dryers on the market. This allows us to style your hair without heat damage to a higher standard than its other competitors.

We also use a variety of brushes like Denman and Vess, the same ones that are used in Sassoon Academy. Each brush is cleaned and sanitised before it goes back into the drawer. That way we guarantee that only clean brushes are used on your hair.

Towels/couch roll

Last but not least, we use disposable towels to maintain a high level of cleanliness and each chair is lined with fresh couch roll for optimal customer protection.

The brands we use

Wella Professionals – the No. 1 salon colour brand in the world. More than 140+ years experience in professional hair care, styling and colour products. Global leaders in innovative, breakthrough formulas that continue to revolutionize the way in which hair is treated and transformed.

Natulique – the first globally recognised organic hair care line. Products are derived from raw, organic ingredients with long-term environmental sustainability being the crux of their ethos. Provide fantastic, professional and clean results with minimal chemicals.